It's 1AM and I am Awake

ChrisAwake is a multitalented musician, composer and live performer, in addition, starting filmmaker and youtuber. Originally taught in classical background at Stasys Simkus Music Conservatoire (LT). Even though his specialty was clarinet  he’s also able to play many other instruments like keys, drums, saxophone, harmonica, flutes, etc. The technical part of film and sound production he learned at London Metropolitan University finishing Sound For Media course. Due to travels, ChrisAwake is mainly available in London (UK), Los Angeles (US) and Vilnius (LT).

ChrisAwake’s everyday beatbox rhythms are being transformed and enhanced into electronic funk masterpieces using live instruments, custom synthesizers and uniquely recorded samples. He’s first debut album – “Bedtime Stories” is available for free at: ChrisAwake.Bandcamp.com

His YouTube channel features video series of comedic animations, short films and artsy video blogs. Go check him out at: YouTube.com/user/ChrisAwakeFables